The Infinium

The Greater the Gift the Greater the Consequence!

Brian Villa a down trodden ordinary man wants more from his life.  The only problem is that he’s about to get it!

Sensing his thoughts, the enigmatic life force known only as The Infinium, seizes Brian from earth and propels him to the center of the universe to the planet Durdara to participate in the greatest galactic gladiatorial blood sport ever assembled;  In order to fight for sole possession of the most loved, feared, and enigmatic power in the Universe. 

Brian Villa an unwilling participant and devoted pacifist, neither craves this power nor does he wish to participate in any form of mortal combat.  His only desire is to return home, and in order to fulfill that wish Brian must not only break a solemn vow of non-aggression, but battle to the death against some of the fiercest warriors ever gathered in the known galaxies in order to fulfill a destiny that he craves nothing of.  

What Brian doesn’t realize is that the Infinium did not choose him for his abilities, rather he was chosen for his nobilities.

Join us as we take you through a cosmic odyssey of epic proportion where one man’s wish for purpose will propel him toward an unfathomable quest to become a god!  To the victor comes immortality, to the vanquished oblivion.  

A Tango Unlimited Production © 2010