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  • Descent of the Dead Issue 1
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  • Descent of the Dead Issue 3
  • Descent of the Dead Issue 4
  • The Infinium Issue 4
  • The Infinium Issue 3
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Established in 2009 Tango Comics is an indpendent comic book publisher headquartered in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Spawned from the admiration of comic publishers EC and Fawcett. Tango is dedicated to bringing back fun and sincerity back to comics!

Tango Comics currently publishes two titles: Descent of the Dead© and The Infinium©.

All titles are available for sale digitally through and collective print format through direct order from our store front here or through authorized comic retailers.

Continue to visit our site for more information on the creative team, up to date news and products. If you don't see these titles on the shelves of your favorite store DEMAND IT NOW from your local comic shop retailer!

Gail Borden "Creating Comic Books" attendees Click HERE to download the presentation!